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First line treatment for nasal congestion symptoms are nasal steroid sprays such as nasonex.

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Other adverse events which occurred in less than 5 but greater than or equal to 2 of adult and adolescent patients ages 12 years and older treated with nasonex nasal spray 50 mcg, 200- mcg day regardless of relationship to treatment , and more frequently than in the placebo group included arthralgia, asthma, bronchitis, chest pain, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, dyspepsia, earache, flu-like symptoms, myalgia, nausea, and rhinitis.

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A notable application was recently highlighted by fda, which specifically referred to mdrs in information it released about its approval of an abbreviated new drug application anda for a generic version of nasonex mometasone , a locally-acting suspension-based nasal spray for the treatment of allergies 1 .

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