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Conclusions influenza a virus susceptibility to amantadine could be detected by using an antiserum-based elisa, offering a simple and more sensitive alternative to the mab-based assay.

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Because dosage adjustment based on creatinine clearance may provide only an approximation of the optimal dosage of amantadine hydrochloride for a given patient, such patients should be observed carefully so that adverse reactions can be recognized promptly and either the dose can be reduced further or the drug can be discontinued as necessary.

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Numerous studies have shown amantadine hydrochloride to have an efficacy of approximately 70 percent in the prevention of influenza caused by type a strains.

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When amantadine has been used in otherwise healthy adults and children for symptomatic treatment of uncomplicated influenza caused by susceptible influenza a virus and administered within 24-48 hours after the onset of symptoms, the drug has decreased viral shedding and reduced the degree and duration of fever, headache, and respiratory symptoms with a more rapid return to routine daily activities and improvement in airway function.

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if the results are similar, amantadine may offer the advantage of a nonstimulant medication to treat the attention difficulties and hyperactivity in children with adhd without upsetting the mood balance.